Eng. Tomás Castro Calel

Technician in Capacity Building and Communications

Tomás is a technician of the Capacity Building and Communications program of the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC).

Prior to joining the ICC, he worked as a technician in agroecological training in the Santiago Project (PRODESSA) Santa Cruz del Quiché; he was also an agroecological technician at the association Vivamos Mejor Guatemala (VMG).

Tomás, has an academic degree in Engineering in Agroforestry Technology, from the Del Valle University of Guatemala, central highlands campus. In 2019, he carried out a research phase as part of his graduation work, at the Vivamos Mejor Guatemala (VMG) association, within the framework of the Health and Nutrition program.

During his academic training he has participated in courses of the national agroforestry meeting; in 2019 he participated in the International Congress on Agroecology, held in Mexico City. Tomás, speaks the Languages Maya- K’iché, Maya- Kaqchikel, Maya – Ixil, Spanish, and English at an intermediate level.