Kevin Roger P. Zúñiga, Mgtr.


Kevin is in charge of the communications at the Private Institute for Climate Change Research.

Prior to joining the ICC, Kevin was a communications advisor for the Fourth Infantry Brigade “G.J.R.B.” of the Guatemalan Ministry of National Defense. He has also worked in media such as: Corporación de Radio Visión, Emisoras Unidas and Región más, serving as a broadcaster and television presenter.

Kevin has collaborated with journalistic work for the national television network Channel 27 and for The Global News Alliance (GNA). He has participated in the production of audiovisual campaigns for the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, and for the Heart of the Lake Association in Sololá.

Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in social communication sciences from the Faculty of Communication of the Mesoamerican University. He has a postgraduate degree in Administrative Engineering and is currently studying to obtain his master’s degree in Industrial Administration, both studies at the Rafael Landívar University.