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María Lourdes Castilla, M.Sc.

Coordinator of the "Information System of the rivers of the South Coast of Guatemala".

María Lourdes is the coordinator of the “Information System of the rivers of the southern coast of Guatemala” of the Climate and Hydrology Program of the ICC.

Before to joining our team, Lourdes worked as a professional advisor in the Department of Water Resources and Watersheds of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. She also supported as a Water and Sanitation Professional Technician in the Baseline of water systems, within the framework of the United Nations Joint Program “Strengthening Capacities with the Mam People for Economic Governance in Water and Sanitation” in the MANCUERNA area.

In 2011 she worked in bacteriological monitoring and water quality through the SIGSA-SIVIAGUA Health Management System of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, in the Department of Water and Sanitation in San Marcos.

Lourdes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture and a Master’s degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences from the Center for Marine and Aquaculture Studies of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.