Climate change is a global phenomenon that has taken global relevance in news, politics, and world's industry. As the IPCC states (2014), the human influence in the global climate system is evident. Undoubtedly, current climate change is connected to human activity in the planet. Although climate has always changed, especially when ... Read More
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September 10th, 2018, 7:00 am, by Paris Rivera.   The ICC reports that a wide low atmospheric pressure area, a strong low atmospheric pressure system, could strengthen to tropical cyclone. As the National Hurricane Center reports, there is a 10% probability that this system becomes a tropical cyclone (tropical depression) in the ... Read More
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Middle school and high school teachers finished the Training in Climate Change today, with a closing ceremony held at Santa Rosa. The 18 teachers shared the closing ceremony with Dr. Arcenio Castillo Colindres, Nancy Mazariegos, Leonardo Cabrera and Ana Paez from the Ministry of Education and Pablo Yax and Ronal Perez, ... Read More
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Atmospheric conditions cause moderate-to-strong rains Due to easterly waves passing through and approaching Guatemala, along with the typical atmospheric conditions of the month, local moderate-to-strong rains can occur in the Pacific regions of the country. Central area including Guatemala City:  Scattered clouds to cloudy during the day, Rains in the afternoons and ... Read More
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As part of the project called "Strengthening reforestation and forest protection actions for the integrated management of the watersheds in the CBC area (The Central America Bottling Corporation) during August, the following activities were developed in the Villalobos River Basin: Planted 11,000 trees with people from Magdalena Milpas Altas, located ... Read More
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While our team of professionals is on the field contributing to adapt and mitigate climate change, the following pictures appeared and they prepared their cameras to capture such amazing landscapes. We share some of them:   Volcanic chain of Guatemala, seen from Solola.   The Atitlan volcano seen at dawn from San Jose El ... Read More
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Due to the tropical waves that are entering from the Caribbean, moderate rains shall continue in the country. The forecast for this week includes: Central midlands: Scattered clouds to cloudy in the day, drizzles and rains in the afternoon and nights. North east wind switching to south by the end of the ... Read More
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Due to approaching easterly waves, rains could happen as of today in Guatemala. CENTRAL AREA: scattered clouds to cloudy during the day. Light rains and rains in the afternoon and night. Light north east wind switching to south by the end of the afternoon. Maximum temperatures: Guatemala City 25.0 ºC to ... Read More
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Around 20 student leaders and COCODE members visited San Jose Mogollon, Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla last Thursday, to become familiar with the climate change adaptation measures that have been implemented in the Canoguitas Village. The visit is part of the Community Adaptation to Climate Change training, and focuses in the tools to ... Read More
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