Ubaldo Chumil Vicente

Technician at SISMARSUR

Ubaldo Chumil Vicente is a university intern of the Capacity Building and Communications program of the Private Institute for Climate Change Research; he is currently working in the MACC-SAN project (ICC).

Ubaldo is an Agroforestry Technician graduated from the Del Valle University of Guatemala, central highlands campus; he used to work at the Asociación Vivamos Mejor, monitoring, evaluating, and collecting information for the nutritional health and agroecology project within the framework of the health and nutrition program.

He has participated in several courses such as: Conferences on Artificial Intelligences, I Student Congress on Sustainable Agriculture, Good Agricultural Practices focused on Food Safety and Integrated Pest Management, Introduction to Syntropic Agriculture and Agroforestry for Restoration, Mitigation and Adaptation Plan to Climate Change and Agroforestry Systems Programs (SAF ́S).

Ubaldo has participated in projects related to agroforestry systems, reforested areas, management of agrochemicals and management of diversified and organic orchards. He speaks Spanish and the Mayan languages Kaqchikel and K ́iché at an intermediate level.