Werner de León

IT Technical Assistant

Werner de León is a Technical Assistant in Development and Automations of the Climate and Hydrology program of the ICC.

Werner de León is currently completing his university internship at the ICC, where he has had the opportunity to make meteorological analysis tools for important decision-making processes. Furthermore, he developed a web page for the IV Climate Change National Congress in support of the Guatemalan System of Climate Change Sciences (SGCCC) and each of its members. He has also been helping to develop a web system that consists of a library of scientific research elaborated by REDFIA and its members.

He is currently in the 10thsemester of the Engineering in Information Systems and Computer Science career at the University Mariano Gálvez of Guatemala and he is accredited as a Technician in Computer Science, Data Networks, Wireless Communications and as a Technical Analyst in IT by the National Autonomous University of Mexico in a program in conjunction with the Carlos Slim Foundation.

He has experience in developing web pages, mobile applications, business intelligence, and managing big data. He speaks Spanish and English.