Nowadays, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- has 25 operating meteorological stations, which generate information every 15 minutes, and that is available free of charge through our website. Today, we dedicate this space to explain the sensors we use in every station and we also illustrate them with pictures of the instruments that are installed in our network.

The ICC’s weather stations are places with structures or devices where sensors are installed. Sensors respond to electronic impulses to measure meteorological variables that are used to study weather conditions and climate.

The instruments that our stations use are:

  1. Thermohygrometer, instrument that measures temperature and relative humidity
  2. Pyranometer, used to measure solar radiation
  3. Pluviometer, which measures rainfall
  4. Anemometer, design to measure wind speed
  5. Weathervane, used to measure wind’s direction
  6. Humectometer, which measures leaf wetness

Sensors generate information every 15 mins, which is transmitted via GPRS to the ICC and published in our website.

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