Around 27 people representing different banana enterprises, gathered Wednesdasy morning at the facilities of the Guatemalan Center for Sugarcane Research and Training Center, CENGICAÑA, to participate in the “Suitable meteorological conditions for aerial applications in banana crops” workshop, organized by the Private Institute for Climate Change Research, ICC, along with the Association of Independent Banana Producers, APIB.

In the workshop, participants got familiar with the “Analysis of the probability of the wind direction and its applications in agricultural crops in the South Coast of Guatemala”, and with the “Tables of probability of suitable meteorological conditions for aerial applications”, elaborated by the ICC. These are tools developed to improve the effectivenses of aerial applications.

These probability tables of suitable meteorological conditions for aerial applications, as Elmer Orrego, ICC’s specialists explains, show the probability that the meteorological conditions are suitable, using the relative humidity (above 80%) temperature (28°C) and wind speed (below 6km/h) as a reference. This is based upon hour and month.

Luis Siliezar, of Frutera del Pacífico, S. A., said that those tools will help them to improve their aerial applications, since now they will have detailed information about meteorological conditions to perform applications.

“It will also benefit us financially, because now we will know when to use the adherent or not”, said Siliezar.

The workshop lasted three hours.

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