The Alliance for the Sustainable Development and the Integrity of Natural Resources, established at the beginning of the year and that is integrated by the Madre Tierra Foundation, La Union and Madre Tierra Sugar Mills, Del Valle University Foundation, Del Valle University Southern Campus, The Sugar Foundation Fundazucar, the Technological Institute for Training and Productivity INTECAP (Santa Lucia Campus), the Interamerican Institute for Agriculture Cooperation IICA, and the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC. Its main objective is to implement and promote specific actions to propitiate the integral and sustainable development of communities, taking care of the integrity of the natural resources and the social context, with the active participation of the community.

This time, the Canoguitas village was visited, where some pilot projects that aim to contribute to families’ food security and strengthening the livelihood have already started there. Those two projects are, one of poultry chickens (laying hens with 6 participating families), and other of aquaculture (tilapia, with 10 participating families). It is expected that, as productivity increases,  more families integrate the project. Also, as part of the strengthening of the natural resources management (another objective of the alliance), the biological corridor was visited (established in 2011) in the Coyolate River.

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