Weather and climate information worldwide is important for decision making in different activities such as people’s daily life, agriculture, energy, water management, among others. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor weather variables and understand how it can affect us on a daily basis.

In Guatemala, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC), monitors the weather or meteorological variables through 33 stations distributed throughout the south of the country, they measure and transmit data every 15 minutes via GPRS to a server in the cloud. The data they measure are:

These data receive weekly quality control, and the stations, monthly preventive maintenance.

The objective of this work is to characterize the spatial and temporal behavior of precipitation and temperature, both monthly and annually, during the year 2021. Furthermore, the monthly and annual precipitation accumulations are compared with the historical data of each station.

Click here to view or download the Meteorological Summary for southern Guatemala, 2021.