Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC, Guatemala. As part of the activities of the project “Strengthening actions to restore and protect forests for the integrated watershed management of the basins of influence of CBC (The Central America Bottling Corporation)”, a reforestation event was hosted on June 30th, 2018, welcoming volunteers of CBC, specialists of ICC and the municipality of Villa Canales.

300 trees were planted in lands of Santa Teresa Sugar Mill, located between in Villa Canales and San Miguel Petapa, next to the Platanitos River.

These planted trees are part of the shared ICC-CBC goal for 2018 of planting 200,000 trees in the areas of influence in the sub basin Villa Lobos and sub basin Sis Ican. Trees constitute an important climate change mitigation action, since they contribute to reduce CO2, among other environmental services.

We share some pics taken by the Municipality of Villa Canales.

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