The ICC, together with social stakeholders from Sololá, presented the results and products of the climate change and food security project financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation -AECID-. This project has counterpart funding from the ICC and 11 communities have contributed.

Three major components constitute the basis of the project:

  1. Increased access to safe water and food in communities.
  2. Strengthening of municipal and local governance related to food security and nutrition, through a comprehensive approach that includes climate adaptation.
  3. Generation of knowledge on the relationship between climate adaptation and food security and nutrition.

The following results of the project stand out:

– 18 community groups (335 women and 130 men) took part in the certificate course on Community Adaptation to Climate Change.

– Workshops on rainwater storage systems for community leaders and technicians from municipalities and governmental organizations.

– 617 families implemented adaptation measures in family agrifood systems.

– 6 demonstration plots on adaptation to climate change in agrifood systems.

– Implementation of seven Rainwater Catchment and Storage Systems -SCALL- with storage capacity of 22,000 and 10,000 liters, in the same number of schools as the national system.

– 3 workshops on governance and climate change for social stakeholders that make up the Departmental Food Security Commission CODESAN of Sololá.

– Contribution to the inclusion of climate change in the municipal development of the municipality of Sololá.

– Climate vulnerability analyses for 11 communities.

– Five research studies on maize cultivation and two adaptation alternatives related to the production of edible mushrooms and vertical gardens.

During the event, stakeholders shared their experiences and presented project products; Agustín Chumil, teacher at the Official Rural Mixed School of Chuarixché explained the implemented SCALL system.

Finally, documents and printed maps were handed out to community leaders from communities that benefit from the project.

Pablo Yax, PhD., coordinator of the ICC’s Capacity Building and Communications program, publicly thanked all the social stakeholders who took part in the project.