The “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” training started today in the Colonia Barillas, in La Blanca, San Marcos.

This training was initiated thanks to the cooperation among the Private Institute for Climate Change Research, ICC, the Association of Independent Banana Producers, APIB, and the Bananera Nacional Corporation, BANASA.

With this training, 25 people from different communities from the Ocosito and Naranjo basins will broaden their knowledge about climate change, through 12 training sessions from which three are field visits, where they will learn several topics related to adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

The training consists of three learning modules: 1) Integrated watershed management with focus on soil and water conservation, 2) Adaptation to climate change and 3) Disaster risk management and rainwater harvesting.

Pablo Yax, Ronal Perez and Luis Montufar from the ICC, Cindy Estrada from APIB and Mariana de la Peña from BANASA joined the opening ceremony.

This is the first time that the “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” training reaches this part of the country.

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