The high pressure system that is currently above the national territory is moving along Central America, and it is weakening through time.

Therefore, conditions will gradually warm up during the week, however, cold will remain mainly at nights and early mornings.

For Guatemala City and surroundings, it is forecasted that days will be cloudy during the day and cold at nights. North moderate winds (35 to 45 km/h). Maximum temperatures for Guatemala City are forecasted to be between 22.0 ºC to 24.0 ºC. Central and western highlands could reach between 21.0 °C to 25.0 ºC. Minimum temperatures forecasted for Guatemala City 09°C to 11°C, western highlands -2.0°C to 0.0°C.

For the Pacific regions, it is forecasted that the weather for these upcoming days will be clear skies in the morning and nights, few clouds and warm misty afternoons. Light south east wind. Maximum temperatures forecasted are between 32.0ºC to 34.0 ºC, minimum temps are to be between 16°C to 18°C.

PICTURE: the graphic shows the high pressure system (H) that keeps temperatures relatively cold and influences wind to remain from moderate to strong.

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