Contributing to climate change resilient socio-ecological landscapes for family prosperity and nutrition in Guatemala and El Salvador 2023-2025

Funding Source:

Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Period of execution:

2023 – 2025


Promote the resilience of socio-ecological landscapes to climate change, contributing to the prosperity and nutrition of vulnerable populations in the republics of Guatemala and El Salvador.

Main results:

R1: Implement climate change adaptation actions in family agri-food systems that allow for greater resilience to current variability and long-term climate change.

A.1.1. Implementation of adaptation measures in family agrifood systems (crops).

Initial goals

  • 300 families (150 men, 150 women, 1200 children).
    • Have implemented a new crop for self-consumption as an adaptation measure in the agrifood sector.

R2: Generate capacities on climate change and adaptation to different social and public actors in society in both intervention territories through knowledge management.

Five subcomponents:

Initial goals.

  • 75 public sector technicians and municipal decision makers (journalists).
  • 240 teachers at primary, basic and diversified levels.
  • 300 community leaders.
  • Communication on climate change in mass media.
  • Vulnerability analysis in 10 communities where the project will be implemented.

R3: Ecosystem-based adaptation measures implemented in critical ecosystems for intervention communities.

A.3.1 Ensure protection of forested areas in intervention municipalities.

Initial targets

  • Two forest cover areas (community/municipal strengthened in their management and conservation in Guatemala).
    • Two forest nurseries created or strengthened in Guatemala.

R4: Generated scientific knowledge and systematization of local/ancestral Mayan knowledge to promote effective adaptation in the intervention territories.

A.4.1 Research on climate risks and potential adaptation measures.

A.4.2 1 Systematization of local and/or indigenous knowledge that contributes to adaptation.