Several social actors gathered last Tuesday, February 16th, at the CENGICAÑA facilities to get familiar with the proposal of the creation of a network of permanent lands for Mangrove measurement in the Pacific of the country.

The workshop included the presentation of the “Proposal of design and structure of the networks of permanent lands for forest measurement in the Mangroves”, which was led by Mario Martin Velasquez, consultant of the GEF Sea-Shore project, sponsored by the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

The dynamic aims to find the integration of the different national actors that are in charge of mangrove’s monitoring through permanent lands for forest measurement, so that those actors can provide data to a single institution, which will synthesize the information, analyze it and propose actions for handling, conservation and restoration of mangroves.

As part of the mentioned consultancy, the methodology of permanent lands for forest measurement, PPMF*, was validated. This methodology was elaborated by INAB region IX and the ICC between 2011 and 2014.

The data that those actors will gather is: mangrove’s species, height, diameter, phytosanitary status, natural state of regeneration, waterline, and substratum, among others.

Representatives from the CONAP, INAB, CECON, ASOPESMA and the ICC joined the conversation.

*PPMF acronym in Spanish.

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