Today we celebrate that our research institute has now completed its first eight years contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation in Guatemala. To celebrate, we have gathered today to perform an special event to share with members, business partners, associates, and other institutions that cooperate with us helping us to be successful.

To celebrate it, we hosted a special event in the auditorium of Cengicana, where we presented some of the successful stories of the ICC in the last 365 days.  We also dedicated a special part of our event to the victims of the volcanic eruption of the Fuego Volcano on June 3rd, honoring Wotzbeli Sanchez, Rosa Chacon, Ruben Dario, and Juan Galindo (post mortem), who offered his life to the service of his country, helping and rescuing people from zone zero. We also handed out commemorative pins to the professionals that have worked for the ICC for 5 years, and who are the following:

Also, the mayor of Acatenango Isaias Marroquin, gave a recognition to ICC for the contribution that this institute has made in matters related to climate change in the town mentioned above.

We share with you some of the photographs of the event that celebrates the good actions that have been performed alongside members, strategic partners, and everyone who contributes with us.

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