Eng. Milton Adam Tobar Castle

ICC El Salvador Field Technician

Milton is a field technician at the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC) in El Salvador.

Milton is an agronomy technician from the Roberto Quiñonez National School of Agriculture of El Salvador (ENA), who continued his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Human and Nature Sciences of the Salvadoran Lutheran University (ULS), from which he graduated as an Agroecologist Engineer.

In addition, as part of his academic training, Milton Tobar has participated in courses in coffee growing, basic grains, fish farming, responsible use and management of products for crop protection, and artificial insemination. He has also participated in training courses on climate change and environmental impact study at ULS.

As an ICC field technician in El Salvador, Milton will be working to implement activities of the ICC’s Work Plan, referring especially to the installation and maintenance of weather stations, monitoring of river flow, good water management and soil conservation practices in agriculture, reforestation and restoration initiatives, community adaptation activities to climate change and adaptation of sugarcane cultivation. In addition, he will be supporting other strategic activities of the ICC in El Salvador.

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