Engineers in training: an immersion in agrometeorology at the ICC

May 06, 2024

More than 80 students from the agrometeorology course of the Rafael Landívar University, Escuintla venue, held an educational visit at the Private Institute Research of Climate Change (ICC). This academic activity allows the students to strengthen their knowledge about climate and meteorology applied to agriculture, as well to learn about multiple and important studies and research on the subject.

Students participated in an interactive conference that allowed them to enrich their theorical and practical agrometeorology understanding. “The main objective was that the students learn directly from people who work at agrometeorology and irrigation topics in the field, this is the best way for them to have an objective and practical learning and how better than to do it trough the ICC”, said Marco Antonio Palala engineer, professor of the course.

In addition, the future professionals had the opportunity to familiarize with the integrated water management strategies being implemented on the south coast and to observe the automatic weather stations operation. Darwin Lantan, one of the students, highlighted the importance of the visit: “learning about the research being done on the subject and the use of new technologies is important to obtain data and carry out good practices in the field. The experience has been very nice and important to understand how these data are collected and applied in the field”.


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