ICC started the process of estimating the Carbon Footprint and the Water Footprint of the sugar production of the CASSA Group (Sugar Company of El Salvador). This effort is a pioneering step for the sugar industry of El Salvador in favour of environmental sustainability and an effective approach to resolve climate change related problems in the country and in the world.

The objective of the workshop carried out, was to strengthen the capacities of staff from CASSA Group who will be involved in the estimation process. The workshop was facilitated by M.Sc. Marco Tax, Sustainability of Productive Systems Coordinator, M.Sc. Francisco Soto, National Coordinator of ICC in El Salvador and M.Sc. Carlos Rodríguez, researcher at ICC.

Staff from CASSA’s Environmental, Agricultural and Industrial Divisions participated in the workshop.

During the workshop, the channel for communication and information channel between ICC and CASSA Group was established; this will be very important for the development of the carbon footprint and water footprint estimations according to international protocols and methodologies.


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