Representatives from the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Commission (ECHO) visited yesterday the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- to follow up with the project “Public and Private Alliances for Disaster Risk Management in Guatemala” which is executed since April along with Action Against Hunger, Centrarse and Trocaire.

The project focuses its efforts in improving the national capacity of coordinated management for disaster risk with participation of the private and public sectors, and civil society, based on a governorship model validated in the department of Escuintla.

Some of the activities developed as part of this project are: the Departmental Coordinator for Disaster Reduction CODRED- has been strengthened, the Network of Municipal Directories for Planning DMP’s from the department has been strengthened as well in topics related to Risk Management with focus on floods. Also, the continuity of the roundtables of the Madre Vieja and Achiguate Rivers has been supported through the Departmental Governorship and the delegates of the governmental institutions and the CONRED Region V.


The delegate of the Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Commission (ECHO) and the representative of the European Union in Guatemala visited the project yesterday, along with representatives from CONRED, Action Against Hunger, Centrarse and Trocaire. It began at the facilities of the ICC, then they visited the El Naranjo Plots at the CONRED’S Delta 3 Station. Later they had a meeting at the Governorship with representatives of the CODRED and their visit finished at the office of CENTRARSE.

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