Today, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- celebrated its 6th anniversary. This event was developed in the facilities of the Guatemalan Center for Sugarcane Research and Training -CENIGICAÑA- along with its professionals, members, representatives from allied institutions, guests, and other people who collaborates with the ICC.

The professionals that have worked for the ICC for five years received a special recognition. Also, different personalities congratulated the institute for the achievements in the first six years of work, which were shared by the professionals of the ICC during the event.

The professionals that received the recognitions are:

  1. Armando Boesche (Board of Directors)
  2. Luis Reyes
  3. Pablo Yax
  4. German Alfaro
  5. Luis Ferrate
  6. Jorge Sandoval (Board of Directors)
  7. Obed Lopez
  8. Carlos Ramirez
  9. Juan Andres Nelson
  10. Gonzalo Lopez
  11. Silvia Castillo
  12. Sergio Gil
  13. Romelia Barrios

The ICC has worked during six years promoting actions that help to face and mitigate climate change in Guatemala.

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