Cloudy mornings, hot weather during the day and spare rains with thunder in the afternoon are in the forecast for this week.

Even though Semana Santa is over, the heat of the season continues through this week, and this could cause the temperature to go as high as 37° in the Pacific, 29 in Guatemala City and possibly, 30° in the Central and Western Highlands. Minimum temperatures could be between 5 and 4 degrees in the highlands, 14 in Guatemala City and 17 in the Pacific.

Rains, on the other hand, are expected for the central area and the Pacific, where short rains with electric activity are expected.

Forest fires in the country

Guatemala has been suffering forest fires recently, due to the high temperatures and the low humidity in soils. Departments such as Peten and El Progreso have been affected severely. As CONRED reports, 513 forests fires have occurred in 20 departments since the beginning of the fires season, affecting about 5 thousand ha of forests.

Those fires are not only affecting the forest cover, but also animals and other species that live in them, native and migratory. They also represent a high emission of Greenhouse Gases that cause global warming and climate change. When forests burn, they release the CO2 that is fixated as biomass into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of Greenhouse Gases in the environment.Not only we lost biodiversity, but we lose one of our lungs that generate oxygen benefiting Guatemala and other countries.

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