The current meteorological conditions, low atmospheric pressure, air with low humidity, and increase of temperatures, are suitable for a hot week.

These conditions will keep the average temperatures relatively high during the day and it will last for several days in most regions of the country. It will also increase the possibilities of forest fires to happen, due to the combination of the factors mentioned above and the low humidity in the soils.

However, despite of the heatwave that will be felt in those days, the Central and Western Highlands could have low temperatures at night and early mornings, The few clouds in the atmosphere allow the heat that was accumulated during the day to quickly disappear as the night falls down.


A heatwave can be defined as important warmth of air or invasion of very hot air above an extended area; it normally lasts for a few days or up to a week. (World Meteorological Organization WMO).

Caution measures

Against this heatwave, it is important to keep yourself hydrated, drink water, avoid sun exposure for long periods of time, use sunscreen and wear sun glasses.

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