Representatives of COPECO and the private sector of Honduras visited Guatemala last week, to participate in the II Public-Private Experiences Exchange between Guatemala and Honduras, to share knowledge and lessons learned, to reduce disaster risk through public-private alliances.

This activity is part of the project “Improving resilience through implementing the Sendai Framework 2015-2030”, which had a first stage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and that was complemented with this visit to Guatemala, which began on May 21st and finished by Friday the 25th of May.

The visit was called “Exchanging experiences between key actors of the private sector, government, and society of Escuintla in Guatemala”. Participants from Honduras were the representatives from the Permanent Contingency Commission COPECO, The Association of Non-Government Organizations of Honduras ASONOG, Marine Farms, the Chamber of Industry, and TROCAIRE Honduras, among others. The Guatemalan institutions that participated were: CONRED, ICC, TROCAIRE Guatemala, Action Against Hunger ACH, CEPREDENAC, Centrarse, among others.

During their time in Guatemala, participants learned more about the public-private alliances that have been performed in Escuintla, and the coordination that has been established to reduce risks due to floods, as well as the cloud water harvesting systems that provides water to families in forest areas, the efforts of CONRED, CEPREDENAC, and other institutions that support in risk management.

Pictures: Conred.

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