Yesterday morning, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC and the National Network for Environment Training and Research Redfia hosted the forum “Solid waste and the need to integrally manage them in Guatemala”, which was hosted in a hotel in Guatemala City and welcomed more than 50 people.

Presentations were in charge of Cesar Barrientos, PhD, who talked about Solid waste in Guatemala: Problems and Solutions; and the Doctoral Candidate Alejandra Sobenes who talked about Laws related to solid waste. Angel Toledo from the Union of Guatemalan Recyclers, and Jorge Grande from the Ministry of Environment presented about the related work that is carried out in their institutions.

The Minister of Environment Alfonso Alonzo participated in the forum and shared about the actions that are undertaken in his Ministry and that are related to solid waste in rivers and cliffs, among others. Congressman Rodrigo Valladares participated in the forum and addressed the participants sharing information about the work performed through the commission he belongs to.

This event is part of the joint efforts made between ICC and Redfia to promote beneficial environment practices in our country through technical knowledge and actions based upon technical-scientific basis.

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