The Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC co-organized the 1st Symposium in Natural Resources and Climate Change, which has hosted at the South Western Campus CUNSUROC, of the San Carlos University USAC, and it was hosted yesterday afternoon. The symposium was organized in coordination with the Research and Development Institute of the South West and the CUNSUROC, both of the San Carlos University.

The symposium presented the following topics:

  1. Meteorological information for decision making, MSc. Paris Rivera, ICC.
  2. Soil erosion and conservation, BS. Alma Santos, ICC.
  3. Estimation of water erosion using the indirect method (USLE) and direct method (pins in plots) in the micro basin of the Tzala river, Sipacapa, San Marcos, BS. Erick Lopez Gomez, FAO.
  4. Water resources and climate change, high areas of the Sis Ican Basin, Dr. Milton Chan Santisteban.

Around 150 people participated in the symposium, including students of the CUNSUROC.

At the end of the event, MA. Pablo Yax shared the conclusions, and along MSc. Erick Espana, handed out diplomas to thank and recognize presenters for their exposition.

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