Within the framework of its 25-year anniversary, the National Forests Institute -INAB- held the National Forestry Award ceremony, awarding prizes in 10 categories related to the development of the forestry sector in Guatemala.

The Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- received third place in the category of Forestry Research, with a study developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala -FAUSAC-.

The research was carried out through Alejandra Alfaro’s thesis, with important support from the FAUSAC herbarium and the ICC through advice, field staff, logistics and other actions.

Relevant study data:

The arboreal communities of the entire Acomé riverbank were explored, from the upper part on the slopes of the Fuego volcano, to the Sipacate mangroves. 50 kilometers of riverbanks were studied, with transects at each kilometer.

The study contributed to documenting the species that are still found on the farms, most of them sugar cane, and it is the basis for forest restoration actions in the area. 115 tree species from 91 genera and 43 families were identified.

The research was published in 2021 in the scientific journal “Forests”. The main author is Alejandra Alfaro, and the contributing authors are three researchers from USAC, one from the University of Massey, New Zealand (where Alejandra is studying a master’s degree) and an ICC researcher.

Alejandra’s thesis is one of the more than 60 that the ICC has supported in its 11 years of work.

ICC congratulates the research team for the honor of merit, contributing to the forestry development of Guatemala!