|May 24th, 2022

The ICC, through the Capacity Building and Communications Program, taught a course on Climate Change and Environment in Guatemala, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) of the department of Escuintla. This capacity building process was aimed at Environmental Sanitation Inspectors -ISA- of the MSPAS of Escuintla. The objective was to strengthen the capacities of the technicians on environmental impacts in Guatemala, the effects of climate change, climate variability and adaptation to climate change.

These actions are expected to promote and strengthen adaptation to climate change at the community level and thereby reduce the impacts of climate change in the department of Escuintla.

Twenty Inspectors participated in the course that was transmitted in virtual mode from March to April 2022. The content was distributed in four sessions addressing the following topics:

– Environmental issues

– Scientific basis for climate change

– Climate vulnerability

– Mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Participants completed a series of tasks to strengthen their learning.

The closing event of the course took place on May 19, 2022.