Chapter 12 of the Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -IPCC-, includes scientific technical information that the ICC has generated through different studies on water. The success case of the management of Technical Boards for a better use of water resources is included. It stands out for contributing not only to the adaptation to scarcity events but also to excessive rainfall events.

The scientific information contained in Chapter 12 assesses the impacts and risks of climate change, vulnerability, as well as barriers and options for adaptation and climate-resilient development in Central and South America.

It is important to note that this chapter is coordinated by a member of the ICC Advisory Council, Edwin J. Castellanos, Ph.D., who is one of the main authors, and the General Director of the ICC, Alex Guerra, Ph.D., who is a contributing author.

These publications strengthen the scientific voice of our region on a global scale!

The document can be accessed here