The Private Institute for Climate Change Research –ICC- installed its second hydrometric station of the institute, which is located on the Madre Vieja River, just between Nueva Concepcion and Tiquisate, Escuintla.

The automatic hydrometric station will allow the ICC to remotely monitor the streamflow of the Madre Vieja (Old Mother) River close to its river mouth in real time. The information that this station generates will be useful to determine the streamflow and thus promote rational use of water during the dry season, as well as to inform about increases in the streamflow during the rainy season.

The station consists of a sensor that has been installed over the riverbed. The station was installed on December and it consists of RLS radar, pluviometer, solar panel, and RTU transmission unit. This station was supported by Deproingua El Brinco and Frutera del Pacífico enterprises. We share some pictures.

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