The ICC has recently participated in the IV Regional Advisory Forum of the “Central American Policies for Integral Management of the Disaster Risks”, to share the experience of the ICC in the panel “Experiences of the private initiative in reducing disaster risk” that was organized by the Coordination Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America CEPREDENAC.

The main topics of the panel were the Interaction of the Private Sector and the regulatory entities, and National systems in Integrated Management of Disaster Risk, the GIRD as fundamental tool for the continuity of business, resilience through APPD, and good practices, successful stories and lessons learned.

We event welcomed MSc. Ryuichi Hara, from the Specialist Team of BOSAI-2, JICA, Japan; Jocelyn Chang, Occupational Health and Safety, Modern Mills, Regional;  Luis Reyes, Director of Operations, Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC), Guatemala; and Giovanni Lara, Director of Health and Occupational Safety, Honduran Association of Maquila Industries, Honduras.

Luis Reyes, Director of Operations of the ICC, shared about the work the ICC has carried out in the Public-Private Alliances in Disaster Risk Integral Management, and the adaptation to Climate Change, as well as the experience gained in disaster risk management in southern Guatemala.

The event was hosted in Panama City the 24th and 25th of August.

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