Quetzaltenango was the city that welcomed the “Workshop to Strengthen Capacities in Risk Management for the System of Coordinators of Disaster Reduction” that was hosted from August 1st to 3rd in a hotel of the City of the Highlands. The main objective of the workshop was to create guidelines for proper risk management at the level of the risk management unit at the municipalities, and to integrate the sectors within the policies and areas of work for the sustainable development of the society, focusing in a culture of prevention.

The workshop also welcomed participants from different institutions such as the government, international cooperation, municipalities, and private sector (Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC), as well as the Secretariat of the Presidency, Segeplan, SE-CONRED, and partners of DIPECHO X:

Likewise, the workshop welcomed participants from the units of risk management from the municipalities of:

The ICC, on its side, was in charge of leading the work to establish the guidelines of the guidebook for the proper management of risk in all of its levels.

These actions focus on creating sustainable municipal units that have more influence in preventing risks, more political empowerment in the integral management of the risk, and in creating spaces for the integration of the sectorial actors, NGO’s and private sector, unifying actions to guarantee an efficient work with common goals.

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