Experts propose sustainable solutions to mitigate soil degradation

About 200 specialists from several countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, gathered and participated in the IX Congress of Ecology and Soil Erosion and Control, being this the most important global event of this matter. Soil degradation is a transversal problem that has worsened due to climate change, inappropriate soil use, and the non-existing territorial planning. However, experts appoint that there are solutions.

This international event was organized thanks to the alliance among the University of Chile, the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) and UNESCO, aiming to raise awareness about the problems of degraded soils, mainly in Chile, since this is one of the countries that has the highest erosion rates of the world.

ICC participated with Alma Santos, Soil conservation specialist of the ICC, who shared about the research of soil erosion and conservation carried out in the Pacific slopes of Guatemala.

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