Private Institute for Climate Change Research, Guatemala. A sectorial meeting to address the protocols of the SINAPRESE 2018 was hosted yesterday morning, with the objective to generate the prevention, mitigation, communication, and response mechanisms against emergencies due to the tourism generated in Holy Week. This strategic planning meeting was hosted in Escuintla City.

The planning of the Volcanic Eruption drill was also included in the agenda, since it will be developed in April and will involve several surrounding communities of the Fuego Volcano, since that has a direct influence in Escuintla. This drill is part of the Allied Humanitarian Forces project.

Both activities aim to prepare the people, as well as to strategically coordinate government organizations, civic, and private entities against the effects of any event or phenomena of natural of anthropogenic origins.

Hence, several organizations such as the Roads Commission, Ministry of Social Development, Health Department of Escuintla, Ministry of Defense, SOSEP, Police Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, SESAN, Governorship, SE-CONRED, and the ICC joined the event.

These activities are part of the project “Improving resilience by supporting the implementation of the Sendai framework 2015-2030″funded by ECHO.

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