This Monday morning ICC researchers participated in the launching workshop of the AgriLAC Resilient AgriLAC Regional Initiative and the CGIAR Global Thematic Initiatives in Guatemala, with the purpose of collaborating with the work proposals in the country.

The workshop organizers shared the importance of consolidating key stakeholders in Guatemala through the presentation of the CGIAR Regional Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean to be implemented in the country. They also expressed their interest in promoting processes of co-construction of the initiatives through discussion spaces with the participants, which will allow them to contextualize and refine them around the transformation towards more sustainable and resilient agrifood systems at the national level.

The event is scheduled to take place over two days, through a practical methodology that will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, parallel working sessions and a closing plenary session that will bring together all the initiatives and the participants of the different parallel sessions. The ICC professionals participating in the activities are Juan Low, MSc., Coordinator of the Climate and Hydrology Research Program, and Elmer Orrego, MSc., Agrometeorology Researcher.

The inauguration was attended by representatives of several public and private institutions and civil organizations of Guatemala.