The Workshop was addressed to researchers from Central America and the Caribbean regions with the main aim to enhance local collaborations and foster international research and educational projects on topics related to climate and climate change in this region.

The general objectives of the workshop were to expose the local and regional communities to a broad and historical perspective on the science of climate and climate change. This includes anthropogenic influences on climate and the state-of-the-science on global and regional climate change studies.

The idea for a workshop stems from the need to foster and promote collaborations, research projects and educational programs between experts in the field and their universities and central American institutions and Universities on climate dynamics, global and regional climate change, and adaptation and mitigation strategies for the central American and Caribbean rim countries. The workshop should also pave the way for fruitful discussions between world experts and central American scientists with a goal of identifying the most needed research topics to be developed in the region.

The workshop was organized by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, MCTP Mexico, and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

*With information and pictures from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

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