Through different talks, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- has promoted actions for soil conservation with its members.

Presentations were given to the experts of the Magdalena, La Union, and Santa Ana Sugar Mills, and were directed by professionals of the ICC.

During the presentations, the importance of soil conservation was highlighted, as well as the damage that can be caused by erosion. The actions to reduce erosion that the ICC is contributing in were also shared, such as hillside ditches and broadband terraces.

The presentations were held in July and will continue through August.


Since 2012, the ICC has performed 12 studies along with the sugar industry to quantify erosion rates, as well as to validate the structures to conserve soil that have been implemented.

Those studies have used direct methods such as runoff plots and erosion nails, and the indirect method such as the Universal Soil Loss Equation USLE. Some results have indicated that implementing hillside ditches as a soil conservation method can reduce erosion rates up to none and slight, based upon the classification of FAO.

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