On Thursday June 22nd, at the office of the Governor of the Department of Escuintla, the CODRED’s decision-making group (Departmental Coordinator for Disaster Risk) was gathered to evaluate the activities that were developed by the institutions in the department as the response to increasing rains and the risk that the towns of Escuintla are currently facing.

Likewise, a direct channel of communication was established within the representatives of the institutions represented, which will be used to monitor the evolution of the weather conditions of the municipality, the evolution of phenomena, and the exchange of preliminary information to evaluate people’s level of risk.

In the meeting, representatives of CONRED shared the results of the evaluation of the floods in the most vulnerable areas in the lower zones of the municipality, which were caused by the rains that affected the department in the last days. Also, they shared preliminary information about the damage caused by the 6.7 earthquake that hit Escuintla and other parts of the country the morning of June 22nd.

The ICC gave the governor Aura Palala and the regional delegate of CONRED a copy of the Departmental Response Plan, as well as supporting research documents to strengthen the disaster risk management capacities in the department.

The governor Aura Palala thanked the members of the decision-making group for responding promptly, and highlighted the commitment with the municipality and the most vulnerable people.

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