Yesterday, Thursday May 12th, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research, ICC, participated of the activities of the technical roundtables of the rivers Madre Vieja (Old Mother) and Ocosito, which aim to use the water of the rivers rationally, in a very demanding working day, which started at 6 am.

Activities included a meeting for dialogue of the table of the Ocosito River, and the measurement in several strategic points of the Madre Vieja River. The objective is for users to have a rational and integral use of the water.

In the morning, representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, MARN, the Presidential Commission Coordinating the Policy of the Executive for Human Rights, COPREDEH, enterprises of the agro industry, Governorship, and the ICC jointed the measurement of the Madre Vieja River, whilst in the afternoon, the technical roundtable of the Ocosito River gathered in a hotel in Retalhuleu. This roundtable includes representatives from the Governorship, agro industry, MARN, local businesses, and community leaders.

During the meeting, the roundtable was presented to the local news media.

With these actions, the objective of having an integrated and rational use of the water from those two rivers of the South of Guatemala is pursued.

Other measurements

As part of the strategy that is implemented by the ICC, the measurement of the rivers Madre Vieja, Ocosito and Nahualate is still ongoing. This extensive work is made with the purpose of having a rational use of those water bodies.

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