Guatemala, February 7th, 2017. The Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- reached and trained 6,490 people in 2016. Those statistics reflect 108 events held throughout the year.

Trainings were about different topics related to climate change, and were facilitated by professionals of the ICC through talks, conferences, and trainings, among others.

4,748 people were reached through 97 events including but not limited to keynote presentations, talks, expositions, and others, while the other 1,742 were participating in the training sessions and courses organized by the ICC.

Most of those events were organized in Guatemala; however, it is important to mention that the ICC participated in spaces outside our borders, in countries such as the United States and El Salvador.

With those actions, the ICC continues to contribute with the country, training people in climate change, and fulfilling our goal to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation through building people’s capacities.

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