The Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC is currently studying floods caused by rain in Antigua Guatemala; this analysis will allow actions to mitigate or avoid floods in this city.

This research is carried out in collaboration with the municipality of Antigua Guatemala and the Municipal Coordinator for Disaster Risk Reduction COMRED. Altogether, those institutions are gathering data and information to analyze the current situation of the urban floods in the city, through a hydrological model and the analysis of several factors such as the waterproofing factor of the city, the natural streamflow drainages that flow through the city, the capacity of the local drainage system, among others.

Additionally, guidelines to start working will be suggested in order to mitigate and avoid flooding within the city limits. This research is part of the thesis Hernan Turcios is doing, who is currently studying Local Environment Management program at San Carlos University, and it is being supervised by German Alfaro, coordinator of the Disaster Risk Management program of the ICC.


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