In a recent visit to Colombia, the ICC’s director of operations Luis Reyes became familiar with the project Water Fund for Life and Sustainability, which is supported by ASOCAÑA and with the collaboration of the Association of Users of the Superficial and Groundwater of the Bolo River Watershed. He witnessed the combined efforts to use the water of the Rio Bolo Watershed rationally, which is located at the Cauca Valley, Western Colombia.

During the visit, he became familiar with the work made in the area by the organization since 1993 and that integrates 242 out of the 507 watershed users, and which promotes the conservation and proper use of the natural resources of the watershed, integrating communities, private sector and government.

Part of the activities that the association has promoted to achieve an integrated watershed management includes:

  1. Water management
    1. irrigation schedules and channels’ maintenance
    2. conflict resolution and concessions’ legalization
  2. Agro-environmental
    1. reforestation and protection of water sources
  3. Social
    1. community organization and participation
    2. capacity building

Model can be applied in Guatemala

This visit allows ICC to learn from the experience managing the Bolo basin for more than 20 years, including the investment that the private sector has made in order to strength these processes and their interaction with the government, to replicate the good practices and implement them in Guatemala, aiming for the common wellness of watershed users in the Pacific slopes of Guatemala.

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