Low temperatures and accelerated winds will be felt during this week, as the result of the influence of a high pressure system in the country.

This cold is generated by the high pressure system that influences in the national territory since the weekend. These types of systems are common of the cold season of Guatemala.

The conditions that will continue through the next days are: low temperatures in the nights and early mornings. Wind is also expected to accelerate, mainly in Southern Guatemala. Scattered clouds with light drizzles or rains can be probable in the North, Caribbean, and North Transversal Belt regions.

It is recommended to take cautions due to the low temperatures at nights and early mornings, as well as to consult and follow the recommendations issued by official sites and professionals in the matter.

With information from the Meteorological Briefing from INSIVUMEH, January 30th, 2017.


The image shows in brown-pink the day-cold air mass that is in the Central America territory. Clouds are shown in white.

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