On Monday the 16th, representatives of Fundación Madre Tierra, Ingenio la Unión, Ingenio Madre Tierra, Fundación de la Universidad del Valle, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Campus Sur, Fundación del Azúcar- FUNDAZÚCAR- , Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad –INTECAP (Centro de Capacitación Santa Lucía)-,  Instituto Privado de Investigación sobre Cambio Climático –ICC-  and the Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura –IICA-  gathered to consolidate the Interinstitutional Alliance for Cooperation and Collaboration for Sustainable Development and the Integrity of the Natural Resources.

The Alliance aims to promote actions for the integral and sustainable development of the communities looking after the integrity of natural resources and the social context, with active participation of the community.

The objectives of the Alliance in its working plan seek to promote actions among the lines of economic development, natural resources management, education and health, for the communities in the Southern slopes of Guatemala.

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