In the facilities of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), a press conference was held this morning to officially launch the IV Climate Change National Congress 2021, which will be held virtually from August 2 to 6.

ICC General Director Alex Guerra participated in the conference along with the Minister of Environment, Mario Rojas Espino, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Fredy Chiroy, the Director of Climate Change, Antonio Urrutia, and Daniella Suger in representation of the Galileo University.

The Climate Change National Congress is a free event for all public, which aims to integrate knowledge, institutions and initiatives related to climate change to maximize its benefit to the country.

The different presentations, studies and research related to climate change in Guatemala will be presented through live broadcasts grouped in different parallel thematic and plenary sessions around three thematic axes: Climate Sciences; Vulnerability and Adaptation; and Mitigation and Greenhouse Gases.

The Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC) is part of the organizing committee of the event, along with other member institutions of the Guatemalan System of Climate Change Sciences (SGCCC), that has overseen the promotion of the event since 2016. The member institutions, through the SGCCC, make official the invitation to the public to participate, so that we can all learn about the progress of the country on climate change topics.