Today, 52 leaders from Pachalum, Quiche, concluded their training processes to strengthen capacities in climate change, specifically to adapt and mitigate climate change.

Leaders are distributed in three grups: Community adaptation to climate change training, which will graduate 23 community leaders; Training in climate change, which will graduate 22 teachers; and a third group that received an update on climate change with 7 participants from the 2017 Community adaptation to climate change training edition. These 7 people had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this topic.

The closing ceremony that was held today allowed participants to receive the diploma that certifies that they have coursed and approved these trainings. Alex Guerra from ICC, Jose Furlan from LEDS, and representatives from the municipality of Pachalum participated in the ceremony.

Participants gave recognitions to both ICC and USAID for the efforts made to host the training sessions in this location.

These training sessions are sponsored by the Low Emissions Development LEDS project, and facilitated by the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC, and are constituted of formative sessions as well as fieldtrips. Some sessions to replicate knowledge are also part of some projects.

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