To improve their knowledge in adaptation to climate change, 38 community leaders from Todos Santos Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango, participated in a fieldtrip yesterday, to share experiences in adaptation to climate change, in Sipacapa, San Marcos.

The fieldtrip allowed participants to become familiar with the experiences to adapt to climate change in Sipacapa, where they learned about the methods that were implemented in this community, such as selective seeds from the native corn crops, which aim to find wind resistant seeds, home gardens to produce vegetables, mushrooms production, soil conservation, forest protection and tree nurseries.

They also learned about the experience of ACAS, the Association of Coffee producers and Farmers of Sipacapa, who shared their experiences producing coffee, which can now be produced in this place due to climate change, since it has generated conditions that allow organic coffee to grow.

This fieldtrip was possible thanks to the support given by the Low Emissions Development project LEDS, which is sponsored by USAID in Guatemala.

About Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a town in Huehuetenango, and it is located in the heart of the Cuchumatanes Mountains. Its highest point can reach up to 3,100 above the sea level, while the lowest can reach 1,500. Main languages are Mam and Spanish. The main economic activities are agriculture and Sheep breeding.

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