In alliance with the Association of Independent Banana Producers -APIB-, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- initiated the “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” training in Tecun Uman, San Marcos, a few days ago.

The group has 34 participants. All of them are community leaders from the area close to the border with Mexico.

During the training, participants will learn about climate change, integrated watershed management with focus in water and soil, and disaster risk management. They will also participate in three field trips where they will enhance the knowledge gained in each module.

Other trainings move forward

The other trainings developed by the ICC have moved forward, since the groups developed in San Antonio Suchitepequez, La Vega, and El Paraiso, in Suchitepequez, Tiquisate in Escuintla, and La Blanca in San Marcos are currently finishing the climate change module. Whilst the group in San Sebastian, Retalhuleu is finishing the integrated watershed management module.

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