This week, the National Institute of Forest -INAB-, published in its website, a map with the location and information of the 37 Permanent Lands for Forest Measurement, which was made along with the Private Institute for Climate Change Research, -ICC- and the INAB’s region IX.

Since 2011, the ICC has cooperated with the INAB’s region IX to generate a methodology for Permanent Lands for Forest Measurement along the mangrove’s ecosystem of the Pacific of Guatemala, methodology that has established and followed up with the information that this map details with 37 lands. These lands were installed and remeasured every year by the INAB, the ICC, and the following institutions and enterprises: ESTEFOR, CUNTOTO, CATALUNA and AGROACEITE.

As a result of this inter institutional work, the methodology for establishing and managing Permanent Lands for Forest Measurement of Mangrove has been elaborated and validated, and it is currently awaiting approval, which is granted by the INAB and CONAP.

The information and data from the lands can be requested from the Region IX of the INAB.

With these studies, the ICC upkeeps its commitment of contributing to the research of the mangrove´s ecosystem in Guatemala, generating information, methodologies and gathering information from the field that add up knowledge and analysis for making decisions in our country.

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